The faculty’s vision represents in being a leader in innovation, and scientific research at the level of faculties of arts locally, regionally, and globally.



The faculty’s mission represents in preparing qualified personals in fields of human and social sciences, represented in the faculty’s department based to the community’s and marketplace’s needs. The faculty, also, aims at presenting effective scientific research, which deals with human and social issues, trying to solve these issues. Moreover, the faculty aims at exchanging expertise and consultations with social institutions locally, regionally, and globally.



The faculty’s objectives are represented in the following:

Preparing academic qualifications in fields of human sciences and languages corresponding with advancement and the community’s needs in fields of development and planning.

Conducting scientific research and studies, which participates in serving the community’s issues.

Exchanging scientific and physical facilities and expertise with other scientific and social institutions for the purpose of spreading knowledge and enhancing scientific relationships with other communities.

Being distinguished in university’s outputs and preparing specialists in various scientific fields in human and social sciences.

Creating the academic environment to students and member staff in a way that helps them advance education to its utmost level.

Having continuous improvement for study and exam programs in all the faculty’s department and going side by side with all educational advances in the faculty’s majors.

Being open to international developments in fields of scientific research and teaching methodologies and pushing the faculty to be independent able to compete locally, regionally, and globally.

Having the leadership in all scientific majors in the faculty regarding editing and translating books, scientific research, and scientific publications.  

Investing information technology and communication in order to transfer the faculty electronically for the purpose of developing education and conducting researches that serve the community; as well as, building an effective administrative framework through which an effective, high-qualified system is created to meet the dramatic environmental and social changes.

Activating partnership and educational cooperation with scientific institutions concerning with human and social sciences locally, regionally, and globally.