The department’s vision is to have an active, distinguished identity able to compete other English departments at universities and high institutes locally, regionally, and internationally.


The department’s mission is to graduate high-qualified graduates specialized in English language and acquainted in English literature, basics of English, and translation studies. The department, also, seeks to graduate masters’ degree holders to teach at the university level, meet the marketplace needs, and conduct research and studies that associate modern English-language theories with possibility of application in the local environment. In addition, the department seeks to provide academic consultations and services regarding teaching English to all departments at the Faculty of Arts and other faculties at the University of Benghazi; as well as, the department seek to share and cooperate with academic institutions locally, regionally, and internationally to progress education outcome.


The faculty’s objectives are represented in the following:

1. preparing graduates in English language able to be creative and distinguished locally, regionally, and internationally,

2. improving basic English skills, which include listening, speaking, reading, and writing in a framework based to understanding native-English speakers’ culture,

3. creating a diversity academic environment for building basis of information knowledge and basic skills for English-language students to be acquainted of teaching methodologies, English language, and translation,

4. offering an appropriate educational environment for motivating research and critical and creative thinking, using most sophisticated scientific and educational aids available for the sake of facilitating the processes of learning, creativity, and production,    

5. preparing high-qualified masters’-degree holders to teach English at universities and high institutes and English-language centers and to cover the marketplace and community needs in the field of English,

6. enriching academic libraries with masters’ theses that search in some issues regarding English language in local environment, recommending remedies to these issues through local, regional, and international perceptive, then associating these remedies with most modern theories and research methods in English language and linguistics,  

7. providing academic and educational services in the fields of general English and English for specific purpose (ESL) to all department of Faculty of Arts and other departments in other faculties at the University of Benghazi,

8. endorsing self-career development and paving the baths for achieving it through encouraging writing, searching, and editing in fields of English linguistics and translation,

9. continuous improving for English-language programs to convoy most modern scientific and educational teaching methods and local, regional, scientific research that satisfy the local environment’s needs and ambitions,

10. presenting in international conferences in English language and conducting specialized, scientific seminars,

11. and enhancing cooperation with local, regional, and international academic institutions, exchanging consultations and expertise with them, and activating mutual programs with the distinguished ones.